GRA has been hosting a series of short webinars to help parents in any questions they might have in their boarding school search.  Our last webinar focused on GRA’s summer program options.  Held on March 15th, this 30 minute sessin had a great question and answer portion!

Wednesday, March 15th at 12:00 PM EST

Watch this webinar to learn more about what’s happening this summer at Grand River Academy. From GRA’s STEAM Academy where students will learn and create robots, drones, and their own video games to the traditional summer experience with the opportunity to recover credit or gain credit in a given high school class. Hosted by Summer Academic Camp Director Frank Shreve and Assistant Director of Admission Kari Wetzel.

Join us for our last episode in the Lunch & Learn four-part webinar series! We know that the search for the right school can be hard when there are so many great options available. That’s why if you’re already part of GRA’s family or new to the independent school search, this series helps to answer questions you might have about the process. It’s about helping to inform you in making the best decision for your family with your son’s education.

Wednesday, March 29th at 12:00 PM EST

Save your seat on March 29th.

Boarding schools provides a unique opportunity for students in that opportunities for learning occur throughout a student’s entire day, not just during class hours. Learn how GRA’s programming provides the structure and support needed to help our young men activate their academic, emotional, and social potential in preparing them for success after graduation. Hosted by Foundations Learning Program Coordinator Shannon Farrell and Counselor and Productive Growth Center Coordinator Thomas Polak.

Have any questions or a suggestion for future webinars? Let us know at or (440) 275-2811. We hope you can join the discussion on March 29th!

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