Would Summer School Benefit Your Son?

Without question, summer is a time for relaxation, fun, travel, and spending time outdoors. For high school grade students, summer is a welcomed break from homework, studying, and tests.

Unfortunately, “without ongoing opportunities to learn and practice essential skills, kids fall behind on measures of academic achievement over the summer months,”1 according to the John Hopkins School of Education.

 What is the Summer Slide?

The summer slide is the loss of academic progress a student made during the previous school year – including skills and essential knowledge. The U.S. Department of Education notes that the summer slide, also known as summer learning loss, occurs when students stop engaging in educational activities over the summer.2

 For students who display poor grades and academic performance during the school year, falling further behind over the summer is detrimental to their future achievement.

Rethinking Your Son’s Summer

With the school year coming to a close and summer right around the corner, an absolute break from the rigor of school may be all your son wants. But “ignoring the opportunity to strengthen…skills over the summer will only reinforce the cycle of frustration and stress in the fall,”3 notes Kyle Redford, a teacher and education editor at the Yale Center for Dyslexia and Creativity.

If your son is struggling to keep up in school, contending with a learning difference, or needs to make up a high school credit, it’s time to rethink your son’s summer.

A summer academic camp committed to his success would give your son the time, individualized support, and impactful guidance he needs to get back on track and thrive in his academic endeavors and personal goals.

A Transformational Summer

You’re probably wondering, “Would a summer high school program benefit my son?” and “Can summer school be both entertaining and academically supportive for my highly active son?”

 Grand River Academy’s all-encompassing summer academic camp uses the summer months to boost student success, transform uncertainty into confidence, and place each student on a strong, independent path forward.

In addition the personalized, hands-on academics, your son will be empowered to:

  • Build meaningful relationships with like-minded young men
  • Connect with impactful mentors
  • Engage in athletic, recreational, and artistic activities
  • Experience Northeast Ohio on adventurous field trips

Your son is a bright, intelligent young man. Allow him to realize and activate his true potential this summer at GRA’s all-boys summer academic camp.



 1 McLaughlin, Brenda, M.P.P. and Smink, Jeffrey, M.Ed. John Hopkins School of Education. “Why Summer Learning Deserves a Front-Row Seat in the Education Reform Arena.” Accessed

April 5, 2016. http://education.jhu.edu/PD/newhorizons/Journals/spring2010/why-summer-learning/.

2 Amatucci, Dorothy. Homeroom. The Official Blog of the U.S. Department of Education. “Stopping the Summer Slide.” Accessed April 5, 2016. http://blog.ed.gov/2014/03/stopping-the-summer-slide/.

3 Redford, Kyle. Noodle. “Differentiating Summer: Why the “Just Play” Movement Doesn’t Work for Every Child [Opinion].” Accessed April 5, 2016. https://www.noodle.com/articles/just-let-kids-play-this-summer-why-you-should-think-again.

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