We’re less than one month away from summer programs here at Grand River Academy! Whether you’re registered for the Summer Academic Camp to earn high school credit in a specific subject area or the STEAM Academy to discover science in a new way, you might be wondering what to pack.

Summers on campus are meant to be fun and that means a relaxed dress code during the day. Northeast Ohio has some great weather (check out the averages online), with temperatures in the upper 70’s – low 80’s. Nighttime can be a little chilly so make sure to pack the summer essentials of shorts and t-shirts, but also a few heavier options like a sweatshirt or lightweight jacket.

There’s a lot of outdoor activities planned this year so make sure to pack the sunscreen and bug spray! From going to the beach, canoeing, to camping (in addition to some fun trips), your son will definitely be busy. It’s always a good idea to pack a few pairs of jeans and if they have any camping gear or fishing rods they’re welcome to bring them along.

Grand River Academy is looking forward to welcoming your son here this summer. If you have any questions or have yet to register, please reach out directly to the Admission Office at (440) 275-2811 or admissions@grandriver.org.


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